I’m an artist/writer from Canada and I believe world peace is possible – if we take time to understand the world and each other.

As a 1st generation Canadian and a history enthusiast, I’ve always been interested in what happens when cultures meet and clash. There’s something magical in the way we humans can be so utterly diffirent and yet so alike. Most of my works explore that theme directly or, more often, indirectly. I’m currently putting together a fantasy webcomic, At War’s Edge, which deals with two very different countries struggling to avoid – you guessed it – a war.

I do mostly digital art (for the webcomic, my primary tool is Blender), though I also love the old-school paper-and-pencil sketching. I also tend to do tons of miscellaneous research on just about every topic I run into, and usually burn to share it with someone.

Come in, say hello, and let’s explore the magic together 🙂